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Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 March, 2003, 15:09 GMT
Iraqi TV derides 'Bush the idiot'
President Bush
The TV caption spells out the insult
State-controlled media channels in Iraq on Wednesday continued a familiar course.

Baghdad's Satellite TV channel screened a routine round of reports on pro-Saddam Hussein demonstrations and sharply personal anti-American invective.

Meanwhile, Iraqi radio featured entertainment and religious programmes, as well as a phone-in during which callers attacked US and British policy towards Iraq and expressed loyalty to the country's leadership.
In his speech, [President] Bush not only appeared as an idiot, but also as a failure
Iraqi TV commentator

One outspokenly defiant commentary broadcast on television attacked the US President's ultimatum to Saddam Hussein to leave the country, a stance which it said made Mr Bush look like "an idiot".

It displayed the epithet across a photo of the American president.

The commentary was preceded by a picture of Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon with a gun firing bullets at his face.


"Little Bush appeared as an idiot as he was addressing the Americans. He adopted his well-known method of making false assumptions... His justifications began with an incoherent argument that Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction. Bush, the idiot, knows well that Iraq is free of such weapons...

"Bush himself proved his guilt in his latest speech. He naively feigned care for the world. He came out with allegations created in his sick imagination. Those false allegations are not believed by anybody... Even worse, he portrayed Iraq as a monster threatening the world. Yet the world is telling Bush: 'No to your aggression against Iraq, no to Bush the foolish one, who is threatening to drown the world in an ocean of innocent blood'.
Iraq is the graveyard of invaders at all times and under all circumstances
Iraqi TV

"The idiocy of this little man does not stop at making fabrications and feigning concern for the destiny of mankind, as though he were the absolute custodian of humanity, while his intent is to bring killing, destruction and death to humanity.

"This idiocy is mainly caused by his sense of inferiority whenever he thinks of leader Saddam Hussein, or whenever the leader appears on television screens. He sees how our leader is fully capable and full of resolve, wisdom, and adroitness when he addresses his people and reminds them of their glorious past...

"In his speech, Bush not only appeared as an idiot, but also as a failure, for he imagined that his evil intentions would be achieved easily, without fighting, but rather through terrorism and intimidation. This was caused by his international isolation, which is unprecedented...

"To the deluded and stupid Bush we say: If your Zionist devil made you believe otherwise, then you must be deluded. The great people of Iraq have said their word and chanted with a joint and faithful voice: 'Yes to leader Saddam Hussein; Bush, Bush, listen well, we all love Saddam Hussein'... Iraq is the graveyard of invaders at all times and under all circumstances."

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