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Wednesday, 5 February, 2003, 20:01 GMT
Powell dossier: Reaction
The Security Council on 5 February
Most countries urged the continuation of inspections
Members of the UN Security Council have been reacting to the presentation by Secretary of State Colin Powell outlining the US case against Iraq:

  • "[UN weapons inspectors] are not in a position to draw conclusions and they have suggested continuing the inspections.

    "We should respect their views [...] and support the continuation of their work."

    Tang Jiaxuan, Chinese Foreign Minister

  • French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin
    France: 'The use of force can only be a final resort'
    "If (Iraqi) non-cooperation continues, this council must meet its responsibilities...

    "Saddam must be left in no doubt as to the serious consequences which he now faces."

    Jack Straw, UK Foreign Secretary

  • "This information has to be immediately handed over for processing by the IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency] through on-site verification during the inspections in Iraq.

    "Experts in our countries must immediately get down to analysing and drawing the appropriate conclusions."

    Igor Ivanov, Russian Foreign Minister

  • "Is it not time for the UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan to go to Iraq to find ways of resolving the crisis peacefully?

    "War is not inevitable."

    Francois-Xavier Ngoubeyou, Cameroon Foreign Minister

  • "I listened with great attention to the evidence [Mr Powell] provided. It contains information, clues and questions that deserve deeper analysis...

    "For now we must reinforce the inspection regime. The use of force can only be a final resort."

    Dominique de Villepin, French Foreign Minister

    U.N. chief weapons inspector Hans Blix and international atomic energy chief Mohamed ElBaradei
    The inspectors listened intently to proceedings
    "Mr Powell's presentation was strong and compelling. Iraq must immediately co-operate fully and effectively.

    So far, Iraq has been in breach of the necessary UN resolution."

    Solomon Passy, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria

    "We require more active cooperation from Iraq. The inspectors' report should be the basis of judgement.

    "The international community is justified in seeking to bring about the earliest possible compliance from Iraq."

    Khurshid M. Kasuri, Pakistani Foreign Minister

  • "The international community cannot allow a situation to continue where Iraq is assembling weapons of mass destruction.

    "President Saddam Hussein has shown in the past that he is prepared to use such weapons."

    Ana Palacio, Spanish Foreign Minister

  • "Chile is in favour of continuing the inspections, but Iraq must be put under pressure to co-operate with the inspectors."

    Soledad Alvear Valenzuela, Chilean Foreign Minister

  • "Co-operation [with the inspectors] is an obligation for Iraq.

    "The overall picture reinforces the need for continuing inspections.

    "My delegation thinks that we should persevere on the road to a peaceful solution to the crisis in Iraq. War would demonstrate failure of our system."

    Georges Robolo Chikoti, Angolan Foreign Minister

  • "Our council, we believe, can still make a lot of effort to arrive at a peaceful solution. We want a peaceful solution to save the lives of thousands of innocent Iraqis.

    "We ask: are the obstacles [to inspections] insurmountable, and do they truly deserve a destructive war?

    "Iraq does not constitute a threat to its neighbours. No to war, yes to a peaceful resolution based on [resolution] 1441."

    Mikhail Wehbe, Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic

  • "Iraq must move from passive to more active co-operation."

    Mamady Traore, Permanent Representative of Guinea

  • "The dangers of a military action and its consequences are plain to see.

    "We must continue to seek a peaceful solution to the crisis. We need to enhance the instruments of inspections and control.

    "We ought to support all endeavours of states in the region currently engaging in diplomatic efforts."

    Joschka Fischer, German Foreign Minister

  • "Mr Powell's allegations are utterly unrelated to the truth. There are incorrect allegations, unnamed sources, unknown sources. There are assumptions and presumptions which all fall in line with the American policy towards one known objective.

    "Mr Powell could have spared himself and his team, and the Security Council, by presenting his allegations directly to the weapons inspectors, and allowing them to get on with their job.

    "Sites quoted by President Bush, the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and the CIA have all been inspected and been found to be free of any signs of chemical, biological or nuclear materials.

    "Iraq is encouraging its scientists to work with the weapons inspectors."

    Mohammed Aldouri, Permanent Representative of Iraq

    UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw
    "All members will share our frustration that Iraq is spurning this last chance"
    Senior French member of parliament Jacques Myard
    "Powell brought clues but no real evidence"

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