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South African Elections: Thumbs up!

Photo: Darryn van der Walt

Thumbs became the unofficial symbol of the South African elections as voters had their thumbs inked to show they had cast their vote. Photo: Darryn van der Walt.

Photo:Natasya Tay

Natasya Tay took this photo of an inker waiting for the next person...

Photo:Natasya Tay

...Making her mark. The inker marks a voter's thumb. Photo: Natasya Tay.

Photo by Nico Olwagen

Thumbnails marked with indelible ink show these South Africans have cast their vote. Photo: Nico Olwagen.

Photo: simongerber

Simon Gerber was one of the many who voted in the election. Turnout was 77%.

Photo: Richard Wooding

Richard Wooding took this photo of Miss Cat as she considers the vote. He said: "I doubt the ANC or DA cater to feline needs."

Photo: Terry Cass

Photographer Terry Kass said "People of all cultures and backgrounds voted for a better future." Send your photos to For terms and conditions see right.

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