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In pictures: Thai crackdown

Burnt out bus in Bangkok on 13/4/09

Parts of the Thai capital Bangkok resembled a battleground after clashes between troops and protesters.

A soldier chases a protester in Bangkok on 13/4/09

The military moved in to ends days of massive anti-government protests that have the left the country in political chaos.

Thai soldier hit by a molotov cocktail in Bangkok on 13/4/09

Petrol bombs and rocks were hurled at lines of soldiers who tried to re-take a busy road junction.

Protester carries gasoline in Bangkok on 13/4/09

Tyres were set alight and several buses commandeered by the protesters to blockade roads into the city centre.

Soldiers use water cannon to douse flames on bus in Bangkok on 13/4/09

Soldiers used water cannon to try to put out the fires.

Thai soldiers charge towards protesters in Bangkok on 13/4/09

They surged forward, firing shots above the heads of protesters - and in some cases into the crowd.

Medics treat a man injured in the clashes in Bangkok, 13 April

At least 70 people, including 23 troops, were injured in the clashes.

Troops in front of Ananta Samakon palace near the Governement House in Bangkok on 13/4/09

The soldiers moved in on Government House, where several thousand protesters are camped.

Two elderly women walk past troops in Bangkok on 13/4/09

The violence comes on the day Thais are marking the start of their three-day new year holiday.

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