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In pictures: Sights of Butrint

Butrint Triconch Palace mosaic (pic: Butrint Foundation)

This Roman mosaic is one of Butrint's glories. It was found on the site of a villa, which was expanded into a palace in the 5th Century AD.

Butrint tourists (pic: Butrint Foundation)

Albania is encouraging tourism, but Butrint gets fewer visitors than many ancient sites in nearby Greece.

Art historian studies mosaic (pic: Butrint Foundation)

There is still much research to be done at Butrint. Here an art historian studies an early Christian mosaic in the Baptistery.

Mosaic vase in Baptistery (pic: Butrint Foundation)

This Baptistery mosaic shows peacocks in a vine growing from a great vase. The birds represent paradise and immortality, and the vase and grapes, the Eucharist and the blood of Christ.

Great Basilica (pic: Butrint Foundation)

The Great Basilica was built in the 6th Century AD, at the same time as the Baptistery. The basilica was the bishop's church. Much of it was rebuilt in the Middle Ages.

Sanctuary and theatre (pic: Butrint Foundation)

This aerial shot shows an ancient Greek sanctuary area and Roman theatre. Dense woodland adds to Butrint's attractions.

Specialist team at work (pic: Butrint Foundation)

Animal bone specialists and environmental students help to fill in details of Butrint's long history.

Butrint aerial view (pic: Butrint Foundation)

Butrint was designated a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1992. In 2000 the national park was established, creating a protected zone.

Vivari Channel car ferry (pic: Butrint Foundation)

This modest car ferry connects Butrint to the Vrina Plain. Foreign donations are helping to improve the local infrastructure.

Butrint Museum (pic: Butrint Foundation)

The site's museum was modernised and reopened in 2005. It is housed in a castle.

Excavations on Vrina Plain (pic: Butrint Foundation)

Archaeologists have made new discoveries - including Roman artefacts - on the Vrina Plain, near Butrint.

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