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In pictures: Iranian nuclear plant

Bushehr reactor

Iran has allowed rare access to the Bushehr nuclear reactor, where Iranian and Russian engineers have started conducting pre-conditioning tests using dummy fuel without any radioactive content.

Iranian TV reporter at Bushehr reactor

Journalists were taken round the power plant shepherded by security guards. They included the BBC's Jon Leyne (not pictured) who called the security regime "polite but firm".

Russian and Iranian engineers watch visitors to Bushehr plant

Russian and Iranian engineers are stationed at the plant which has been built and equipped by the Russian contractor Atomstroiexport.

Operation room at Bushehr plant

Our correspondent says the control room looked close to completion, but in some other areas, machinery was still wrapped in plastic.

Iranian officials from the Atomic Energy Organization ask photojournalists to leave the turbine building during an organised tour in the Bushehr nuclear power plant

At one stage during the organised tour, Iranian atomic agency officials asked photojournalists to leave a room housing turbines.

Radar facilities on the skyline at Bushehr plant

Radar facilities dominate the skyline at the nuclear plant, which will house a 1,000-megawatt light-water reactor used for generating electricity.

Barbed wire and a missile emplacement on the perimeter of the nuclear power plant in Bushehr

The plant seems to be well defended - as in the past both Israel and the US have threatened pre-emptive military action against Iran's nuclear facilities.

Head of Russian nuclear agency Sergei Kiriyenko

Russian nuclear chief Sergei Kiriyenko attended the inauguration. Russia and international monitors will ensure the plant fulfils its job to generate energy and not to produce any weapons material.

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