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In pictures: Picasso exhibition

Luncheon on the Grass (after Manet), 1960, by Pablo Picasso

The National Gallery's first exhibition dedicated to the artist Pablo Picasso has opened to the public.

Picasso: Challenging the Past

Picasso: Challenging the Past features over 60 of the artist's works and focuses on the themes of European art history and his own career.

Self-portrait. Picasso: Challenging the Past

It features sections on the self-portrait, characters and types, the nude, still life, models and muses and the artist's later Variations.

Self-portrait. Picasso: Challenging the Past

Using the signature themes and techniques of painters such as Velázquez, Rembrandt and Cézanne, Picasso transformed the art of the past into "something else entirely", creating styles of his own.

Musketeer with a Sword. Picasso: Challenging the Past

The exhibition includes works like the Musketeer with a Sword, which Picasso painted towards the end of his life.

Reclining Nude Playing with a Cat (1964)

Picasso was an extraordinary painter of women, and celebrated female beauty with his nudes, such as Reclining Nude Playing with a Cat, which he painted in 1964.

Picasso: Challenging the Past

The exhibition will be open to the public until 7 June, at the National Gallery in London.

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