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Your pictures: Fun in the snow

A snow mouse. Photo: Andy Connolly

Readers have been sending in photos of their snow sculptures. This snow mouse was the creation of Andy Connolly from Clapham Common.

A snow gnome made by Ben Moffat and sister Nannah

This snow gnome was made by Ben Moffat and his sister Hannah.

A snowman with a snow dog made by Holly and Josh Noke

Holly and Josh Noke from Hampshire have used their school-free day to make some creative art.

A snowwoman. Photo: The Ismail family

Doonyia, Zeena and Miran Ismail had a busy day in the snow in Caerphilly.

A snow sculpture of a man with a guitar

Cathy Mooney called this snow sculpture "A man with a telecaster' in the style of Henry Moore.

Snow sculpture of a bride. Photo: Reza Bamdad

Reza Bamdad made this snow bride together with her mum as a surprise to her sister Mariam who will get married this summer.

Jan Ta fixing the nose of a snowman

No school today for Adam Tay so he was free to fix the snowman's nose, which fell off during the night.

Beethoven the snowman. Photo: Claudette Tinsley

Claudette Tinsley from Somerset had to wait until it was dark before there was enough snow to create Beethoven the snowman.

Snow statue of Ganesh made by the Vekaria and Taparia families

The Vekaria and Taparia families used the snow to make a statue of the Indian deity, Ganesh, the elephant god.

Darwin the snowman. Photo: Richard Uridge

Richard Uridge: "Darwin has evolved from a snowball!"

A snowman and his cat. Photo: Louie Martin

Louie Martin from Romsey sent this photo of the snow version of himself and his cat Remi.

Sand castle. Photo: Vicky Lester

Who needs sand when there is snow? This snow castle was built by Thomas and Jemma Davies from Kent.

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