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In pictures: Belgian stabbing

Rescue workers at the Dendermonde creche.

Scenes described as "carnage" have been reported after a man killed two infants and an adult in a creche in Dendermonde, north-western Belgium. Thirteen others were injured, some seriously.

Workers outside the Dendermonde creche

Workers were in shock. Dendermonde's deputy mayor Theo Janssens said several adults had been injured as they tried to put themselves between the attacker and the children.

A man carries a child into a centre set up as part of the town's emergency plan.

The creche looks after 18 children aged under three. The site was evacuated, with staff taking children to a nearby centre set up as part of the town's emergency plan.

Police near the Dendermonde creche

Police descended on the small town shortly after 1000 (0900 GMT). The suspect arrived at the creche on a bicycle and tricked his way inside. He was later arrested at a nearby supermarket.

Investigators inside the creche in Dendermonde

As police began investigating inside Fabeltjesland nursery, the uninjured children and staff were being offered counselling.

Hearses remove the bodies from the creche in Dendermonde, Belgium.

While the bodies of the victims were removed in hearses, parents of the injured children were shown digital photos of them at local hospitals to help with identification.

Minister of the Interior Guido De Padt at a press conference after the stabbings.

Interior Minister Guido De Padt told a news conference he was horrified by the attack.

Residents leave a bouquet at the door of the creche

As night fell, one family placed a bouquet at the door of the creche. Dendermonde's mayor Buyse Piet said the whole city was united in support for the grieving parents.

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