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In pictures: My street in Gaza

Overturned ambulances block the street

BBC News website reader Said Abdelwahed lives in the Tel al-Hawa district of southern Gaza City, which was heavily bombarded by Israel and the scene of intense ground battles.

The building where Said Abdelwahed lives

Said took these photos the morning after Israel withdrew from the area. His apartment is at the back of this block, so he, his wife and six children were unhurt.

Damaged street in Tel al-Hawa district

Said says all the residents in his block are teaching staff at al-Azhar university, which he says is 'known as loyal to Fatah'. Said is professor of English Literature.

Palestinian Red Crescent building

Opposite Said's home is the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, which was hit by Israeli shells.

Medical storage depot

Said says this building housed drugs for the nearby al-Quds hospital. He says the burning drugs gave off a toxic stench, but he was more worried about the white phosphorus shells being fired into his street.

Al-Quds hospital

A view of al-Quds hospital, which is two blocks away from Said's apartment. Patients had to leave the hospital when fire broke out after it was hit by an Israeli shell.

big hole in the ground

The remains of a children's play area in the Barcelona Peace Park. The gardens are two blocks from Said's home in the opposite direction of al-Quds hospital.


The Barcelona Peace Park provided a pleasant area for people to sit out in, as well as two basketball pitches and a fishpond. Said says all were destroyed by Israeli tanks. Photos: S Abdelwahed

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