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Africa's year in cartoons: 2008

A music shop showing Africa's greatest hits by Tayo Fatunla

For Nigerian cartoonist Tayo Fatunla, 2008 saw recurring headlines in Africa's news charts, like the violence that erupted in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Miriam Makeba by Zapiro

The year also saw the death of an African legend, South African singer Miriam Makeba, known as Mama Africa, and remembered here by South African cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro.

A Somali pirate ship by Tayo Fatunla

One of the stories that captured the world's imagination this year was that of the Somali pirates, who have the world's navies on their tails while living the high life at home, thanks to their ransom booty.

Portraits of Thabo Mbeki by Zapiro

Thabo Mbeki stood down as South Africa's president in September, bowing to forces within the ruling African National Congress calling for his exit and those who saw him as an aloof and arrogant leader.

Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu looking up at blood dripping down on South Africa's national flag by Zapiro

Anti-apartheid leaders, in their turn, were dismayed by the xenophobic violence that erupted on South Africa's streets in May, damaging the country's image as The Rainbow Nation.

An elephant cries as he looks on at violence in Kenya by Tayo Fatunla

Kenya's reputation also took a nosedive after the post-election violence in January left about 1,500 people dead and much of the country's tourism sector in tatters.

A man clinging to the horns of a bull representing Nigeria's religious riots by Tayo Fatunla

A year rarely passes without a religious riot in Nigeria. The deadly violence that erupted in the central city of Jos was not sparked by a cartoon or beauty contest, but by a dispute over local elections.

A man crying out "Mine Mine" in Angola, but not referring to a landmine by Tayo Fatunla

Angola held its first elections in 16 years - the event was seen as a vital step in its recovery from decades of war and as the mineral-rich country starts to open up to international investment.

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe demands an explanation as to why he lost the March election by Zapiro

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe ended the year declaring, "Zimbabwe is mine." In March, he lost the first round of the country's presidential election to his rival Morgan Tsvangirai ...

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe saying, "Only God will remove me," with South Africa's Thabo Mbeki, the regional mediator on Zimbabwe, saying, "It is not my wish to do so," by Zapiro

... He went ahead with the June run-off despite Mr Tsvangirai's withdrawal citing orchestrated state violence against his supporters. A subsequent power-sharing deal has yet to be put into practice.

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