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In pictures: Kitschmas

Nativity ducks

To celebrate the countdown to Christmas, the satirical Christian website, Ship of Fools, has published its annual selection of religious-themed gifts spotted on sale, such as these nativity ducks.

Credit card rosary

Ship of Fools' Simon Jenkins says most are supposed to inspire faith. "It's fascinating what religious people produce and think is appropriate." Like this rosary credit card to replace those unruly beads.

Jesus piggy bank

In these hard times what better to remind us to be frugal than this Jesus piggy bank, costing a thrifty $14.95. Although smashing it open to spend your cash could leave you feeling a bit guilty.

Mormon calendar

If anyone is going to make church-going appealing, it's this lot. Ladies, you'd be all ears if these Mormon missionaries turned up on your doorstep. Probably quite a few gentlemen as well.

Military Santa

This military Santa gets to the emotional heart of Christmas with his universal message of peace and goodwill to all men - except the enemy, whoever they may be.

Jesus shaves mug

Jesus is one of the most famous beardies of all time, but simply add a hot drink to this mug and the familiar facial hair of our Lord disappears, leaving him clean-shaven.

Happy holidays Barbie

Forget the humble Virgin Mary, this is what Christmas is all about - floor-length silver meringue dresses and fake eye lashes. A simple blue shift is so last season.

Joseph home seller

If you need to sell your home before the bank does it for you, this miraculous, house-selling, four-inch plastic statue of St Joseph may be the best investment you ever make.

Archbishop baubles

Who needs a fairy on the Christmas tree when you can have a bishop? And you can chose between the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of York.

Blessings remote

Itís never been so easy to learn prayers in ancient Hebrew thanks to this little box full of amazing graces, all voiced by Rabbi Zalman Goldstein.

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