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In pictures: Kindertransport

Kindertransport children arriving at Harwich in 1938

The first of the thousands of Kindertransport refugees began arriving at Harwich in Essex in 1938.

The first of the Kinder children arrive at Harwich

The Jewish and non-Aryan children wore identity tags for inspection by British officials who organised their care.

Four young refugees arrive at Southampton on the US liner Manhattan

These four youngsters were among 88 who arrived at Southampton aboard the US liner Manhattan in March 1939.

Eight-year-old Josepha Salmon is tired and alone after arriving at Harwich

Many of the young refugees, like eight-year-old Josepha Salmon, arrived tired and alone.

Children at Dovercourt Bay Camp

The first destination for many new arrivals was Dovercourt Bay holiday camp, near Harwich, where they enjoyed their first meal.

A refugee child rests at Dovercourt Bay holiday camp

In total around 10,000 children, mostly Jewish, were sent without their parents to the UK from Austria, Germany, Poland and Czechoslovakia.

A young girl from Berlin plays violin to her friend at London's Liverpool Street station

Many children were taken to London's Liverpool Street station, where they entertained themselves before being taken on to hostels or foster families.

Jewish children who arrived from Vienna at London's Liverpool Street Station

Children had to leave their parents behind and by the end of the war many were orphans.

Refugee children wait to be collected from London's Liverpool Street Station

Transport of the unaccompanied children was organised by charitable organisations such as the Red Cross.



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