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Your pictures: Wonky fruit and veg

Photo: Graham Turner

As the European Union has scrapped controversial rules that prevent oddly-sized or misshapen fruit and vegetables, you have been sending your pictures of "ugly fruit". This heart-shaped spud came from Graham Turner.

Photo: Sue Clinker

Sue Clinker: "My husband wearing a squash from our local farm shop in Kent. I had already chopped several inches off the end before I thought to photograph it. It made wonderful roast."

Potato (taken by Laurie Brown) and the Venus of Willendorf

This potato has a passing resemblance to a famous artwork. "I give you the Venus of Potatodorf," says Laurie Brown, who owns it.

Carrot (picture by Gerd Kortemeyer)

"This carrot was grown at a friend's farm in Lansing, Michigan, and harvested at the end of August. Tasted just fine," says Gerd Kortemeyer.

Aubergines (pictures courtesy of Margot Sargent and Tony Mayhew)

It is hard to imagine that the aubergine on the left, taken by Margot Sargent, is not the result of DNA trickery. The one on the right was sent in by Tony Mayhew.

Aubergines by Johnny Vee and Nadim Beyrouti

"I grew this Pinocchio eggplant (left) in my garden in Westfield, Pennsylvania, USA," writes Johnny Vee, while Nadim Beyrouti's aubergine on the right also resembles a face.

Carrots by Susan Gee and Liam McEneaney

"This is a carrot (left) that I grew this year on my allotment," says Susan Gee. "It tasted wonderful. I know its fresh and organic and tastier than any of those so call perfect vegetables." On the right are misshapes sent in by Liam McEneaney.

Carrots by K Reilly

These carrots, sent in by K Reilly, would fail any aesthetic test.

Mushroom and grape by Gary Foulger

"Attached are a couple of pictures of Wonky fruit & veg that we've had, a mushroom and a grape," writes Gary Foulger. "They look like they have a bit it common with each other."

Photo: Kelly Clark

Kelly Clark: "These wonky carrots were my first harvest earlier this year and the first ever ones I've grown myself".

Photo: Dawn La-Rocque

Dawn La-Rocque grew this tomato in a pot: "It looked so ugly, I couldn't stomach eating it!"

Photo: Terry Cannon

Parsnips from Terry Cannon's local farmers market. "They tasted fine, but after separation they tried very hard to get back together again", he says.

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