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In pictures: Road sign madness

Source: ACI-Mondadori, location: Italy, Piemont Cuneo-Asti near Marene

This abstract image in Italy was judged Europe's "most stupid road sign" in a poll of drivers in 13 European countries published on Tuesday. (All pics courtesy of FIA European Bureau.)

Source: OAMTC, location: Austria, Niederoesterreich near Vienna

The runner-up in the EuroTest survey was this collection of signs in Austria. Automobile clubs across Europe asked drivers for their views.

Source: ADAC, location: UK, Birmingham

Am I at the station yet? Drivers in Birmingham, UK, may not be too sure looking at this, which took third place.

Source: ADAC, location: Germany, Wuppertal

A blank slate: drivers in Wuppertal, Germany, are free to draw their own conclusions from this one.

Source: ACI-Mondadori, location: Italy, Veneto, San Bonifacio

Can Vicenza really be straight on? This collection in Italy requires closer inspection.

Source: OAMTC, location: Austria, Steiermark Rottenmann

Time to park the car and take a break: Austria apparently offers drivers plenty of space.

Source: ACI-Mondadori, location: Italy, Toscana, Livorno

Whoever said all roads lead to Rome? Just bear left - but it may drive you round the bend, this Italian sign seems to suggest.

Source: ADAC, location: Germany, Baden-Wurttemberg, Stuttgart

Plenty of options for drivers in Stuttgart - but not much time to take them all in.

Source: Frank Seidel, location: Germany Niedersachsen Osnabruck

The drivers surveyed complained that many European road signs displayed too much information - or were plain confusing, like this one.

Source: K. Schreiber, location: Germany, Rheinland-Pfalz near Pirmasens

The survey also revealed that many drivers want a harmonisation of traffic signs in Europe - and fewer local oddities.

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