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In pictures: Russian tycoon row

Oleg Deripaska's yacht, Queen K

Just who visited Oleg Deripaska's luxury yacht moored in the Ionian Sea and said what to whom is now the subject of much interest.

Oleg Deripaska

Russia's richest man, Oleg Deripaska is at the centre of a British political row because of the people he saw on his Corfu holiday.

The Rothschild estate on Corfu

It was sparked by Nathaniel Rothschild - businessman and friend of shadow chancellor George Osborne - who was holidaying nearby at his family's Corfu estate.

Financier Nathaniel Rothschild

Nathaniel Rothschild told The Times that George Osborne had discussed a donation of 50,000 to the Conservative Party with Mr Deripaska.

Peter Mandelson

Added to the intrigue, the new business secretary Lord Mandelson - a European Commissioner at the time - also spent time on Mr Deripaska's yacht.

Agni Taverna

It is alleged Peter Mandelson and Mr Osborne met at Agni Taverna in Corfu, Greece, and compared notes on Gordon Brown.

Shadow chancellor George Osborne

The shadow chancellor denies any donation was sought during the meeting with Mr Deripaska.

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