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In pictures: Democratic convention

Ohio delegates Peggy Tanksley (L) and Cathryn Fellinger at the Democratic convention

These Democratic Party supporters brought a festive touch to the Colorado convention on the day that delegates were addressed by former First Lady Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton with her daughter Chelsea at the Democratic convention in Denver, Colorado

Hillary Clinton was welcomed to the stage by her daughter Chelsea, who said: "I am proud to introduce my hero, my mother."

Hillary Clinton speaking at the Democratic Party convention in Denver

The former contender for the Democratic presidential nomination told the convention it was time to unite behind Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton speaking at the Democratic Party convention in Denver

"No way, no how, no McCain," Mrs Clinton told delegates, saying they could not afford to allow the Republican Party to win a third term in the White House.

Barack Obama watches Hillary Clinton address the Demnocratic Party convention on television

Barack Obama watched her speech from Montana. He will arrive at the convention on Wednesday and address an expected 76,000 supporters at a sports stadium on Thursday.

Hillary Clinton supporters outside the Democratic National Convention at the Pepsi Center 26/08/08

It remains to be seen whether Mrs Clinton's disappointed supporters will back her former rival.

Michelle Obama (R) and her husband's running mate Senator Joe Biden and his wife Jill on day two of the Democratic National Convention, 26 August 2008

Mr Obama's choice of running mate, Senator Joseph Biden (pictured here with his wife Jill and Mr Obama's wife Michelle) has angered some Clinton followers.

A delegate from the Bronx shows her support for Senator Barack Obama 26/08/08

Mr Obama, who will be the first African-American to be nominated as a US presidential candidate, has 10 weeks to convince voters he is the man for the White House.

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