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In pictures: Tskhinvali in ruins

Street scene in Tskhinvali

Residents try to carry on with everyday life in the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali despite scenes of devastation around them.

Man in wheelchair passes tank

Destroyed tanks and other military vehicles litter the streets of the city, evidence of the bitter fighting.

Burned out tank

Streets which only last week were bustling with traffic, are now scarred and littered with burned-out tanks.

Wreckage in Tskhinvali

Smouldering wreckage is strewn across the streets as local people try to return to normality.

Russian base in Tskhinvali

The Russian peacekeepersí base in Tskhinvali was one of the buildings badly damaged in the fighting.

Ruined building in Tskhinvali

An armed Ossetian surveys the almost total destruction of buildings in some areas of the capital.

Injured woman taken to field hospital

Civilians injured in the fighting have been treated in a field hospital set up by the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

Funeral in Tskhinvali

Those who lost loved ones are left bewildered and grieving as they attend funerals.

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