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In pictures: Georgian town attacked

Apartment block on fire in Gori, 9 Aug 08

Russian air strikes have hit Gori, a Georgian town near the breakaway region of South Ossetia. Blocks of flats were among the buildings hit. (Warning: Graphic content in pictures.)

Georgian woman wounded in Russian air raid on Gori, 9 Aug 08

Many civilians were killed and wounded, including this woman lying injured in the rubble of a block of flats.

A Georgian woman cries in front of an hospital after bombardments in Gori 9 August

Many people have been left in shock and grief as the fighting intensifies.

Scenes of devastation in Gori, 9 August

Streets have been turned into rubble under the Russian bombardment.

A plane dropping bombs near Gori, 9 Aug 08

This unidentified plane dropped bombs near Gori on Friday. Russian jets later attacked several military targets in the town, Georgian officials said.

Georgian reservists in Gori, 9 Aug 08

Georgian reservists massed in Gori on Saturday, preparing for battle in South Ossetia. Georgia's president described the conflict as "a state of war".

Georgian reservists in Gori, 9 Aug 08

Some Georgian reservists gathered near a statue of the Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, who was born in Gori. Moscow ruled Georgia in the Soviet era.

Man in bomb crater in Gori, 8 Aug 08

Gori has been drawn into the conflict zone - this man stands in a bomb crater in the Georgian town.

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