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In pictures: Unrest in Georgia

A still from Russian Channel One television shows a Georgian tank burning in Tskhinvali. (08/08/2008)

There has been fierce fighting in the breakaway Georgian region of South Ossetia, where Georgian troops have been attempting to regain control from rebels.

Georgian troops on armoured tanks near the town of Gori, Georgia. (08/08/2008)

Georgia said it moved in to "restore peace" in South Ossetia after recent clashes between its forces and separatist militias.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at the Kremlin in Moscow (08/08/2008)

Russian troops have also entered the region and President Dmitry Medvedev has said that anyone who kills Russian citizens "will receive a deserved punishment".

Georgian troops fire rockets at separatist South Ossetian troops near Tskhinvali on 8 August 2008

Georgia has accused Russia of arming the separatists, who have been trying to break away since a civil war in the 1990s. Moscow denies the claim.

A still from Russian NTV shows Georgian helicopters flying over an unnamed location close to Tskhinvali, Georgia. (08/08/2008)

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili said that any involvement by Russian forces in the conflict would result in "all out war".

A Russian jet fires on a Georgian position near Tskhinvali, Georgia (08/08/2008)

Georgia has accused Russian jets of attacking airports and military bases, but Russia has denied any of its fighters have entered Georgian airspace.

A still from Russian NTV shows South Ossetian troops evacuate women and children from Tskhinvali, Georgia (08/08/2008)

Georgian troops have evacuated women and children from the regional capital Tskhinvali, where rebels claimed to be in control.

Georgian policemen evacuate a Georgian soldier in the town of Gori, Georgia (08/08/2008)

There are reports of many civilian deaths as well as military casualties. Russia says 10 of its peacekeeping troops have died.

A nurse helps an elderly woman injured during the armed conflict between Georgian and South Ossetian separatist forces in Tskhinvali 7 August 2008

Residents of Tskhinvali have been sheltering in basements as massive explosions rock the city and hospitals were reported to be struggling to cope with the numbers of injured.

Georgian girls study a list of wounded people in the town of Gori, Georgia. (08/08/2008)

People in the town of Gori, close to Tskhinvali, studied lists of the wounded to find the names of friends and family.

Eduard Kokoity, South Ossetian rebel leader, in Tskhinvali on 7 August 2008

South Ossetian rebel leader Eduard Kokoity says Georgia has launched an all-out attack on Tskhinvali, in what he calls "a perfidious and base step".


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