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North Korea's art of propaganda

David Heather with a North Korean propaganda poster

David Heather buys North Korean propaganda posters to sell to art collectors overseas. The hand-painted posters are produced at a studio complex in Pyongyang, where about 1,000 artists work.

North Korean poster

Some posters have the obvious anti-imperialist themes. But David Heather says these are less common nowadays, as relations between North Korea and the US improve.

North Korean poster

David Heather says there are two main types of poster - those that are depicting the day-to-day lives of ordinary people and those which are anti-imperialist in nature.

North Korean poster

The caption on this poster reads "Look! The face of American imperialism."

North Korean poster

This poster encourages a healthy lifestyle. It says "Let's learn to swim at an early age."

North Korean poster

Some posters encourage hard work. David Heather says this one translates as "Let's give a bigger part to the advantages of the socialist treatment system through greater effort."

David Heather with book of North Korean posters

The posters have proved so popular with art collectors that a book has been published and an exhibition in New York is planned.

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