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In pictures: Ethiopia's impending famine


Severe droughts, together with rising food prices, have left millions in Ethiopia in need of emergency food assistance.

Valerie Browning

Valerie Browning is an Australian nurse who lives and works in the Afar region. She and her husband Ishmael al-Garod founded an NGO, the Afar Pastoralists Development Association, six years ago.

Dorro and her mother

Ms Browning has been treating two-year-old Dorro for malnutrition. The family had no food and this has reduced her immunity, so now Dorro is seriously ill.

Valerie Browning tests a child

Ms Browning gives a child the Middle Upper Arm Circumference test. The majority of children she visited over a three-day period were suffering borderline malnourishment.

In search of food and water

These women left their village in search of food and water. Milk is used as a substitute for food, but animals that have not already perished produce only a fraction of what they would if healthy.

Dead cattle

Many animals continue to die for lack of water and grazing pasture. Their value has fallen by a half even though food prices are rising.

Halima Gaz

Two-year-old Halima Gaz has been severely brain-damaged following a fever when she was 15 months old, as her family was unable to get her to a doctor.

Unda Awka

Unda Awka had been slipping in and out of consciousness through lack of food prior to the arrival of aid.

Maryan Ali and her malnourished children

Maryan Ali and her malnourished children remain in a remote village close to the border with Djibouti. Most families have left to go in search of grazing pasture.


For some, the search is not only for grazing pasture, food and water: Mahmoud's expedition is to secure a second wife.

Dhabo and her son Hussein

Dhabo said: "I had to close the shop six months ago because food prices have risen so much… People rely on their animals for money, but one goat is now worth less than a pair of flip-flops."


All photographs by Nick Danziger/Oxfam

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