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In pictures: Entwistle case

The Entwistle family

The image of a seemingly perfect family: Rachel and Neil Entwistle with baby Lillian Rose. Nobody suspected that soon after this picture was taken, Entwistle would plot their murder. Warning: Some readers may find subsequent images distressing.

Rachel and baby

Rachel Entwistle met her British husband while studying at York University. The couple settled in Worcestershire where Rachel taught at a Redditch school. They emigrated to the US after Lillian was born.

Neil Entwistle and baby

During the trial one witness recalled that Entwistle had a close relationship with his daughter Lillian. His care for Lillian was "a conversation stopper" at times, the witness said.

Neil Entwistle and baby

Shortly before the murders, Entwistle's internet businesses had failed and he had run up huge debts. He was also searching the internet for information on how to kill people.


The bed in which the bodies of Rachel and Lillian were found looked as if blankets "had just been piled up in the centre", according to the police officer who discovered them.


Entwistle's DNA was found on the grip of the .22 Colt revolver used in the shooting. Gunshot traces were also found on Rachel's hands. Entwistle said his wife shot her daughter, then herself.

Blood-stained baby clothes

The jury were shown baby Lillian's blood-stained clothes during the trial. Forensic scientists said that the nine-month-old baby had been shot at point-blank range, while she was being held by her mother.

Neil Entwistle weeps

Entwistle cried in court as a jury was shown video footage of the bodies of his dead wife and daughter. It was the first time he expressed any emotion during the trial.

Neil Entwistle with his lawyers Elliot Weinstein and Stephanie Page.

Entwistle's lawyers claimed the prosecution had relied on "unreliable" DNA test results. They also said Entwistle could not get a fair trial because of the media interest surrounding the case.

Clifford and Yvonne Entwistle

Entwistle's parents Clifford and Yvonne attended the trial in Massachusetts. They said that they were convinced that their son was "100% innocent".

Neil and Rachel Entwistle

Following conviction for the first degree murders of his wife and daughter, Entwistle faces life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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