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In pictures: BB9 housemates arrive

Mario and Lisa

Mario Marconi and Lisa Appleton have become the first non-celebrity couple to appear in the Big Brother house. They were the first of 16 contestants to enter the house as the show’s ninth series began.


Stephanie McMichael, 19, from Liverpool, the fourth person in the Channel 4 show's house, was told by Big Brother in the diary room that she and Mario must pretend to be a couple or face eviction.


Dennis McHugh, a dance student and teacher from Edinburgh, could not contain his excitement as he entered the house. The 23-year-old says he was born to dance.


Fellow Scot, Mikey Hughes, a blind radio producer from Ayrshire, says he has a passion for performing stand-up comedy while wearing women's clothes.


Rex Newmark, 24, an executive chef, says he has three loves in life – food, money and success. He still lives at home and has his meals cooked by the family housekeeper.


Mohamed Mohamed, a 23-year-old toy demonstrator from London, was born in Somalia. He was cheered by the Big Brother crowd as he checked his afro before entering the house.


Darnell Swallow, 26, was born in Ipswich but raised in the US before returning to the UK. So is that a rugby ball or an American football in his hand?


Perhaps the warmest reception of the night was reserved for 30-year-old Kathreya Kasisopa, who says she looks like a jacket potato.

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