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In pictures: China's ruined valley

the tourist trail near Yinchangguo

Before the earthquake struck the south-western Chinese province of Sichuan, this valley area near Yinchangguo was part of the tourist trail.

dog whines near Longmenshan

Now the area is almost deserted, and many homes have been reduced to rubble.

People  near Yinchangguo loading up belongings before leaving

Thousands of residents have either died or fled the aftershocks. More than a week after the quake, people are still leaving.

Broken-down lorry on road

But the roads out of the valley are impassable in places....

Fallen trees near Yinchangguo

...and falling trees present a serious hazard.

Laundry drying outside quake-hit home in Xinxing

Those who remain try to make the best of it - here in the town of Xinxing salvaged clothes dry outside a battered home.

destroyed cement factory between Xiaoyudong Bridge and Longmenshan

Much of the local industry, like this cement factory, has also been destroyed.

Overturned lorry at side of road

Convoys of military vehicles bring food and water to the survivors.

disinfecting yards at Xinxing

Disinfecting makeshift homes to ward off disease is also a priority.

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