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In pictures: Focus on China survivors

Injured boy in Chengdu hospital 18/5/08

China has declared three days of mourning for the victims of Monday's devastating earthquake in Sichuan province.

Workers remove a body from debris in Beichuan 18/5/08

The number of confirmed deaths has now risen to 32,477, but officials say the final toll may reach 50,000.

Injured person being carried in Wenchuan 18/5/08

More than 220,000 people were also injured after the 7.9 magnitude quake struck.

Man examining posters of missing children at Beichuan stadium 18/5/08

In relief centres across the region friends and relatives have put up posters of those still missing.

People read hospital patient lists in Chengdu 18/5/08

Other message boards list details of the ones who have been found alive and are being treated in hospitals.

Bai Yushan crying over grandson's grave 18/5/08

Bai Yushan, was not so lucky. Here he weeps over the grave of his grandson Tian Chao, who died when his school in Muyu collapsed.

Couple praying for daughter in Beichuan 18/5/08

This Beichuan couple who lost their young daughter have returned to the spot where she died to offer prayers.

Singapore rescuer combs wreckage with sniffer dog 18/5/08

The rescue effort is still ongoing, with specialist teams like this one from Singapore taking part. But hopes of finding any more than a handful of survivors is fading.

Man sleeping at Beichuan relief centre 18/5/08

The relief effort is increasingly being switched to those who survived - some five million of whom have been left homeless.

Survivors from Yingxiu arrive at Zipingu dock 18/5/08

People are still flooding out of remote parts of the countryside in the hope of getting help.

People sleeping in boxing ring in Beichuan 18/5/08

Most are being put up in temporary shelters like this one at the sports stadium in Beichuan, where even the boxing ring has become a bedroom.

Shoes being tried on baby in Mianyang 18/5/08

Many were unable to bring anything with them and are now completely reliant on the relief effort. Here a baby in Mianyang tries a new pair of shoes being offered by a volunteer.

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