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In Pictures: 2m future landmark

Proposal by Daniel Buren (Picture: Daniel Buren, 2008)

Daniel Buren's proposal for an art installation at the hilltop site near Kent's Ebbsfleet International station is for what he calls a "signal", a tower of stacked cubes through which would pass a single laser beam of light

Proposal by Richard Deacon (Picture: Ebbsfleet Landmark Project Ltd, graphics by Plowman Craven, 2008)

Richard Deacon's sculpture, which he refers to as a "nest" would be a steel latticework outlining 26 differently shaped polyhedrons, interconnecting to create a skeletal framework

Proposal by Christopher Le Brun (Picture: Christopher Le Brun, 2008)

Christopher Le Brun has proposed a monumental wing and disc, a reference to the winged messenger of Mercury, the Roman god of travellers and commerce, and to Kent's Roman history

Proposal by Mark Wallinger (Picture: Mark Wallinger, 2008)

Mark Wallinger is proposing a white horse, 33 times life-size, to stand looking out over Ebbsfleet Valley - the horse would be a faithful representation of a thoroughbred racehorse in all but its scale

Proposal by Rachel Whiteread (Picture: Ebbsfleet Landmark Project Ltd, photography by Robert Glowacki / Todd-White Art Photography)

Rachel Whiteread is proposing to create a craggy, "recycled mountain", on top of which would sit a life-size cast interior of a house, described as "like a castle in a magical, fairytale scene"


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