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Day in pictures

Iraqi man throwing water at furnace

An Iraqi labourer pours water to cool down an area around a furnace at a factory in Baghdad.

Lebanese man covered in black paint

A supporter of the Lebanese Communist party, painted in black, stands in front of the Communism symbol in Beirut.

Man sleeps on pile of watermelons

A streetside watermelon vendor takes a nap in Allahabad, India, where temperatures are around 44 degrees Celsius.

Child novice monks, Seoul, South Korea

Child novice monks at the Chogye temple in Seoul, South Korea. The temple is decorated with lotus lanterns for the Buddha's upcoming birthday on May 12.

Morris Men dancing at dawn in Somerset, England

Morris Men see in the dawn on One Tree Hill, Somerset, England. Morris dancing is a traditional folk dance, accompanied by music, with dancers using sticks and handkerchiefs.

Woman taking picture in poppy field, Japan

Around 100,000 poppies are in full bloom at this park outside Tokyo, Japan.

Performers at May Day rally in Jakarta, Indonesia

In Jakarta, Indonesia, performers act out a scene about tortured mine labourers, as part of May Day celebrations.

Actors performing in street, Beijing, China

Actors perform at a promotional event for a newly-opened store in Beijing.

Gharials, or Indian crocodiles, in zoo, Patna, India

Gharials, also known as Indian crocodiles, have come back from the verge of extinction thanks to a government breeding programme. This zoo in Patna is finding it a problem to manage its population of 134.

Man running from tear gas, Istanbul, Turkey

Workers run to protect themselves from tear gas thrown by riot police during a Workers Day demonstration in Istanbul, Turkey. The rally had been banned by the police.

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