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In pictures: Afghan parade attack

Afghan president speaks at parade

Afghan President Hamid Karzai had finished his speech at the National Day parade, marking 16 years since Kabul was captured from the Soviet-backed government, when shots were heard.

Troops in ceremonial dress at the parade

Troops in ceremonial dress were caught off guard by the by automatic weapons fire, which has been claimed by Taleban militants.

Fleeing troops

In the ensuing chaos, many troops fled the scene.

Journalists run for cover after attack

Journalists were among those forced to take cover. State TV stopped its live coverage of the event.

Cameraman dives for cover after attack

Some dived to the ground to avoid bullets.

Security agent moves into position

But security forces regained control, arresting several attackers.

Afghan military at parade

The parade is the largest in the Afghan military calendar.

President Karzai salutes dignitaries at parade

Mr Karzai saluted dignitaries, minutes before they were targeted.

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