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In pictures: Zimbabwe votes

Zimbabweans look at election results taped to a tent in the Harare suburb of Mbare on 30 March

Zimbabweans have been studying the first results of their elections on Saturday.

Opposition MDC supporters celebrate south-west of Harara 30.03.08

Supporters of the opposition MDC began to celebrate on the streets in some areas, as their party claimed victory on the basis of unofficial, partial results.

Electoral commission workers count votes in Harare on 30 March

As the count got under way, electoral officials warned the full results night not be known for several days.

Voters cast their ballots in Chinamhora, near Harare, on 29 March

Voters were still passing through polling stations on Saturday evening as Robert Mugabe, in power since 1980, faced his most serious electoral challenge in years.

Dzingai Karidza, 46, casts his vote in Highfields Township

Dzingai Karidza, 46, cast his vote in Highfields Township, the heartland of nationalist politics in Zimbabwe.

Queue in Harare

Zimbabweans have become accustomed to waiting in line - facing food shortages and hyperinflation in recent years.

Aspiring MP Judith Mkwanda tells a neighbour how her house was petrol-bombed

The Bulawayo house of aspiring MP Judith Mkwanda was petrol-bombed on the eve of polls. Nobody was hurt.

Media surround Robert Mugabe after he votes in Harare

Mr Mugabe is standing for his sixth term in office at the age of 84 as his country's economy reels.

Morgan Tsvangirai casts his vote in Harare

Veteran opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai is challenging Robert Mugabe again.

Simba Makoni leaves polling station after voting in Harare

This vote has added interest because a former Mugabe ally, Simba Makoni, is now also standing against him.

A woman and baby crawl under barbed wire from Zimbabwe to reach South Africa on 28 March

On the eve of polls, cameras recorded Zimbabweans illegally escaping into South Africa from their troubled homeland.


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