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In pictures: Comoros assault

African Union soldiers from Tanzania arrive in Anjouan

The government of the Comoros Islands in the Indian Ocean has sent troops to Anjouan island, to end a year-old rebellion.

Residents of Anjouan greet AU troops from Tanzania

Mortar and machine-gun fire were heard when the troops landed by sea early in the morning.

Residents of Anjouan cheer Tanzanian AU troops

The soldiers seized the island's airport, before marching on the main city Mutsamudu.

Displaced Anjouanese flee from the fighting in Ouani, near Mutsamudu

A number of residents fled the fighting as the invading force closed in on the city.

Tanzanian African Union troops take position in Anjouan.

African Union forces are supporting the operation to remove a colonel whose election as Anjouan leader last year is regarded as illegal by the Comoros government.

Troops loyal to Mohamed Bacar take position in the village of Mirontsy, north of Mutsamudu

Troops loyal to renegade Colonel Mohamed Bacar were ousted from Mutsamudu, but sporadic fighting continued in other parts of Anjouan. The colonel's whereabouts are not known.


Tanzanian soldiers captured two men they say were fighting for Colonel Bacar.

Residents of Anjouan's capital Mutsamudu read a leaflet advising them to stay at home during the assault

Leaflets were dropped on Anjouan by the Comoran army ahead of the assault, warning residents that it was imminent.


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