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In pictures: Holi festival

Women smear colours on each other in Ahmadabad, India

The Holi festival, which marks the onset of spring, is being celebrated across India.

Young women celebrate Holi in Mumbai, India

Also known as the festival of colour, Holi marks the victory of good over evil.

Youngsters, faces smeared with colour and glitter, celebrate Holi in Allahabad, India

Revellers smear each other with coloured powder, hand out sweets and take part in processions.

Holi, the "festival of colours" in Delhi, 22 Mar

People from all walks of life come onto the streets for the Hindu celebration.

A girl with her face covered with coloured powder celebrates Holi in Calcutta, India

The festival serves a reminder to take care of the less privileged in society.

Holi, the "festival of colours" in  Amritsar, 22 Mar

All the revellers, including here Indian Central Reserve Police Force soldiers in Amritsar, are daubed with coloured powder.

Holi, the "festival of colours" in Siliguri, 21 Mar

Women celebrate in the West Bengal city of Siliguri. In the Bengal region, the festival is called Vasantotsav.

Sonia Gandhi at Holi, the "festival of colours" in  Delhi, 22 Mar

Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi joins the fun in Delhi.

A young Hindu boy looks on after being covered in colours during Holi celebrations in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Holi is celebrated in other parts of the sub-continent, like in Dhaka, Bangladesh...

Holi, the "festival of colours" in  Kathmandu, Nepal, 21 March 2008

...and in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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