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Last Updated: Thursday, 20 March 2008, 17:00 GMT
Day in pictures

Great Westminster Clock

A maintenance worker oils the Great Westminster Clock at the Houses of Parliament in London ahead of the switch to British Summertime on 30 March, when clocks go forward an hour.

Women in Diyarbakir, Turkey 20.03.08

Women bake bread in a traditional oven in south-eastern Turkey ahead of the spring festival of Nowruz - the Farsi word for New Year.

Kabul, 20.03.08

Spring is greeted with a swing in Kabul, where Afghans celebrated New Year - which according to the solar calendar used in Afghanistan is now 1387.

Malaga, 20.03.08

As Christians mark Holy Week, members of the Spanish Legion carry the Christ of the Good Death to a church in Malaga.

Gerardo Galvez Jr portraying Jesus Christ, Manila 20.03.08

In the Philippines, it is not a statue, but a living man that portrays Jesus Christ by being mounted on a cross.

Procession in Goias, Brazil.

Holy Thursday celebrations are marked with torch-lit processions in Goias in Brazil. The torch-bearers represent the Praetorian guard who arrested Jesus.

Holi festival 20.03.08

Indian schoolchildren in Ahmadabad rub colour on each other to celebrate Holi, the Festival of Colours or Spring Festival, ahead of the official celebrations on Saturday.

Sculpture in honour of Ukrainian architect Vladimir Gorodetsky 20.03.08

The arrival of spring saw a heavy snow storm in the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

Red Cross treat immigrant in Tenerife 20.03.08

Red Cross workers treat illegal immigrants who have risked the treacherous sea crossing to the Canary Islands from Africa in search of a new life.

Sudan African Union forces 20.03.08

A Sudanese African Union soldier waits in the port of Fomboni, in the island of Moheli. AU troops are set to support Comoran forces against Anjouan's renegade leader Mohamed Bacar.

Solider in Iraq 20.03.08

In Iraq, a US Army soldier reads a magazine between missions at an outpost in Mosul, north-west of Baghdad.

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