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Last Updated: Sunday, 2 March 2008, 16:05 GMT
In pictures: Mid-East violence

Palestinian mourners in Gaza City - photo 2 March

Many Gazans have been attending funerals, following an Israeli offensive on Saturday in which more than 60 people died.

Rubble of Atallah family's house in Gaza City - 2 March

The death toll made it the territory's bloodiest day in years. Many of the casualties were civilians.

Palestinian militant during Israeli operation in Jabaliya refugee camp - photo 2 March

Gunmen are continuing to battle Israeli ground forces in Jabaliya refugee camp, one scene of Saturday's clashes.

Israelis hold captured Palestinians at the Gaza border - 2 March

Israel has been trying to seek out militants responsible for rocket attacks on its southern border.

Israeli sapper examines Palestinian rocket near Sderot - photo 2 March

But rocket attacks continue. Israeli police say 15 have fallen on the town of Sderot so far on Sunday.

Israeli woman suffering from shock after Sderot attack

Around 10 people were injured in the town, which is being targeted by around 50 rockets a day.

Stone-thrower in Hebron - photo 2 March

The Gaza bloodshed sparked anger in the West Bank, where stone-throwing youths attacked Israeli troops.

Israeli troops fire tear gas at Palestinians in Hebron - 2 March

The troops responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. Witnesses said they shot dead a teenage boy.

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