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In pictures: Prince Harry in Afghanistan

Prince Harry wearing his US baseball cap, swapped with fellow troops serving in Afghanistan for a fleece scarf

Prince Harry has left behind his duties in Helmand Province, southern Afghanistan. His tour was cut short by a media leak and he returned to the UK on Saturday.

Prince Harry with his battle group

Harry, a second lieutenant in the Household Cavalry, was initially sent to an important but isolated British outpost. But he moved to work nearer the front line at Garmsir.

Breakfast in the desert

Everyday life began with army rations - his breakfast recipe for jam, butter and biscuits was garnered from Fijian troopers.

Deployed with Gurkhas

The prince also lived and worked with a unit of Gurkhas. He felt that with them, there was "no safer place to be", despite being in sight of front-line Taleban positions.

With colleagues in an observation post

During the 10 weeks before the prince's cover was blown, he was a tactical air controller - calling up allied air cover in support of ground forces - and went out on foot patrols.

On patrol in Garmsir in January

In Garmsir, the southernmost part of the province under coalition control, Harry patrolled the once-bustling bazaar, 500m from Taleban lines.

Working among local people

The area has changed hands several times but some people are moving back in. Harry said he was conscious not to show his face too much but found the anonymity "fantastic".

Enjoying downtime with fellow soldiers

Fellow soldiers said conditions and extreme temperatures were tough, but there was also time for banter, a spot of touch rugby and magazines.

Afghanistan reflected in Prince Harry's goggles

The deployment meant Harry could "serve my country as I signed up to do". But with the prince now back on UK soil, the future direction of his army career is unclear.

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