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In pictures: First daughters

Alice Roosevelt

At the end of Theodore Roosevelt's presidency in 1909, his fiery eldest daughter, Alice, buried a voodoo doll of new First Lady Nellie Taft in the White House lawn.

Margaret Woodrow Wilson

President Woodrow Wilson's daughter, Margaret, a concert singer, emigrated to India to follow a mystic guru and died six years later in 1944 in Pondicherry of a kidney infection.

Susan Ford with her father President Gerald Ford

President Gerald Ford's daughter, Susan, fell in love with and married one of his former Secret Service agents.

Patti Davis (back row left) is joined by her father President Ronald Reagan (R) and mother Nancy (2R) in a family photo

Patti Davis (back row left) clashed with her father, President Ronald Reagan (right), over her liberal views on abortion and gay rights and posed nude for Playboy in 1994.

Barbara (L) and Jenna (R) Bush

Reportedly codenamed Twinkle and Turquoise by the Secret Service, Barbara (left) and Jenna Bush got into scrapes with the law in connection with under-age drinking.

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