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In pictures: 30 years of Grange Hill

Grange Hill

Grange Hill first opened its doors in 1978, set in the fictional London borough of Northam.

Tucker Jenkins and Pogo

Tucker Jenkins, played by Todd Carty (right), was a popular character in the early years. He went on to star in Grange Hill spin-off Tucker's Luck.


Grange Hill quickly became known for tackling strong issues. In 1986, Zammo became addicted to drugs, which led to the Just Say No campaign.

Mr Bronson

Mr Bronson's stern manner and cries of "You, boy" made him one of TV's most fearsome and memorable figures.

Susan Tully as Suzanne Ross,

Actress Susan Tully, who played Suzanne Ross, is one of many Grange Hill graduates who went on to appear in EastEnders.

Fight scene

The unruly behaviour of Grange Hill pupils meant the BBC was often inundated with complaints from parents.

Mrs McClusky's office

One of the series' most popular head teachers was Mrs McClusky. She starred in the BBC show from 1981, and left for good in 1991.


The early-to-mid-1980s, which featured characters like Roland, is often regarded as a golden age for the long-running programme.

Sonya and Justine

In the early 1990s, Grange Hill tackled the subject of teenage pregnancy when Chrissy (left) had a baby.


Storylines in more recent years have included the kidnapping of popular character Tanya.


And writers have also tackled racism, notably when a feud started between Taylor (pictured) and Nick in 2003.

BBC to shut gates on Grange Hill
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