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Last Updated: Tuesday, 5 February 2008, 20:30 GMT
In pictures: London Zoo infrared

thermal image of London Zoo penguin

Visitor Steve Lowe used a thermal imaging camera to take a series of photos of birds, animals and insects at London Zoo.

thermal image of London Zoo pelican

The pictures reveal the heat emitted by the creatures' bodies, showing how effectively their fur and feathers insulates them. This pelican has left a warm trail of footprints behind him.

thermal image of London Zoo butterfly

The warm veins can clearly be seen through the wings of these butterflies, with the hottest areas shown in white.

thermal image of London Zoo flamingos

Cooler areas are shown in red, yellow, green then blue - as demonstrated by these flamingos, whose beaks are far hotter than the rest of their bodies.

thermal image of London Zoo zebra

The heat difference between a zebra's stripes is shown, as dark stripes absorb heat while the white areas reflect it. The photos will be used in the zoo's educational work.

Animal heat shown in zoo images
05 Feb 08 |  England

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