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Last Updated: Monday, 4 February 2008, 22:30 GMT
In pictures: March against Farc

Streams of people in Bogota

People streamed in their tens and hundreds of thousands through the streets of Bogota, as they demanded an end to kidnappings, killings and lies by Farc rebels.

Huge crowds in Bogota's main square

By the time they reached the main square, in their trademark white T-shirts, some estimates were putting their numbers at between 500,000 and two million.

Pictures of hostages

Farc is believed to be holding some 700 people hostage in miserable conditions. Pictures of some are on display in central Bogota.

Protest in Calo

Cali is probably best known outside Colombia for lending its name to a drugs cartel. But here too people were ready to protest against the Farc.

Protest in Uruguay under Bolivar statue

Similar protests took place across much of Latin America. In Uruguay, anti-Farc protesters gathered beneath a statue of the iconic liberation hero Simon Bolivar.

Astrid Betancourt, sister of Farc captive Ingrid

Astrid Betancourt, sister of one of the Farc's highest-profile hostages, Ingrid, is in reflective mood as she speaks on a mobile phone at a news conference in Paris.

Farc protest in Madrid

The anti-Farc revulsion felt in so much of Latin America - and Europe - was also expressed in Spain.

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