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Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 January 2008, 14:20 GMT
In pictures: China's travel chaos

People queue to buy train tickets at Shanghai train station, China (30/01/2008)

Hundreds of thousands of people are still stranded in airports and train stations in China following the worst winter weather for decades.

Passengers wait for their trains outside Shanghai Station, China (30/01/2008)

Many people have been waiting in train stations for days, not wanting to miss their chance to get home in time for the Lunar New Year celebrations.

Travellers gather at Guangzhou train station, southern China (30/01/2008)

Heavy snow and freezing conditions have hit central and eastern areas, paralysing the transport system at the start of the busy holiday period.

Chinese military policemen keep order at Shanghai train station, China (30/01/2008)

Thousands of police and military personnel have been deployed to control crowds at stations and to distribute food and blankets.

Passengers rush into a bus which will take them to the Guangzhou Railway Station, China (30/01/2008)

In the southern city of Guangzhou, around 400,000 people have been camping out in the street or in temporary shelters, many of them with little food or money.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao talks with passengers at Guangzhou railway station, southern China (30/01/2008)

Premier Wen Jiabao visited passengers at Guangzhou railway station and said that every level of government was working on restoring power to train lines.

Passengers rush to a bus which will take them to Guangzhou train station, China (30/01/2008)

The authorities released an open letter urging China's millions of migrant workers to abandon their travel plans and stay where they were to avoid the chaos.

A man pushes a woman into a bus which will take them to the Guangzhou Railway Station, China (30/01/2008)

But for many people, Lunar New Year is their only chance to see their families. After saving for their tickets for months, they have refused to give up hope.

People attempt to buy airline tickets at Hongqiao Airport in Shanghai, China (30/01/2008)

Some airports have now reopened, but the authorities have warned that there could be further bad weather to come.

Passengers smile after getting on a train at Guangzhou Railway Station, China (30/01/2008)

For those passengers who have managed to board trains home, there is still no guarantee that they will be able to get back again.

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