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In pictures: Kenya violence spreads

Men at a roadblock in Naivasha, about 70km north of Nairobi

A month after disputed elections, ethnic violence continues to flare in Kenya - this time in the western town of Naivasha.

A soldier looks at a group of Kikuyu men patrolling the streets of Naivasha on Sunday

The violence - which broadly sets members of the Kikuyu tribe against Luo and Kalenjin tribe members - is replicating itself, as perpetrators try to avenge earlier attacks.

Police escort a group of Naivasha residents as they flee on Sunday

There has been little progress between the rival political parties - meanwhile the toll of dead and displaced continues to mount.

Kenyan soldiers remove a roadblock in Naivasha, Kenya, on Sunday

The security forces are present, but there have been complaints they are not acting strongly enough to stop the killings.

Benadi Mbawa, 32, who was attacked by men with machetes, sits bandaged on a hospital bed, in Nakuru, Kenya, on Saturday

Some of the most recent violence has been in Nakuru, also in the western Rift Valley. Survivors of machete attacks tell of the horror of their ordeals.

A Kenyan policeman pulls apart a burning fence close to a group of torched houses in the rural village of Banita, Kenya on Sunday

Others have lost their homes in the violence, which analysts suggest may be fuelled in part by competition over land and resources.

A police officer reacts after unloading charred bodies at the mortuary in Nakuru, Kenya on Saturday

This policeman is taking a break from the grim task of unloading charred bodies at the mortuary in Nakuru.

A Kikuyu boy holds a machete as residents arm themselves following an earlier raid on his village, Mutakaniob, near Nakuru, in Kenya on Sunday

Amid a political vacuum, more Kenyans are taking up arms - threatening a descent into further violence.


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