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Last Updated: Thursday, 27 December 2007, 21:17 GMT
In pictures: Fury at Bhutto killing

Pakistani pedestrians pass by burning vehicles on a street in Karachi

Following news that former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto had been assassinated in a suicide attack, protesters took to the streets and set fire to vehicles in Karachi.

A Pakistani supporter of Benazir Bhutto shouts beside a burning car in Lahore

President Pervez Musharraf condemned the killing and urged people to remain calm, but angry protests gripped cities across the country, including Lahore.

A young man sets a PML-Q banner alight in Rawalpindi

Some supporters of Ms Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party torched banners promoting the party allied to President Musharraf, the PML-Q.

A man cycles past burning tyres in Rawalpindi

Other protesters in Rawalpindi set light to tyres.

Rawalpindi General Hospital

Supporters of Benazir Bhutto had gathered outside the hospital in Rawalpindi, where doctors had tried in vain to save the former premier, to express their grief.

Pakistani former premier Nawaz Sharif comforts Bhutto supporters

Nawaz Sharif, also a former prime minister and a political rival, announced his Muslim League party would boycott coming elections - and joined Ms Bhutto's supporters at the hospital.

Benazir Bhutto's supporters carry her coffin

The mourners carried Ms Bhutto's coffin from the hospital when her body was released.

The ambulance carrying Ms Bhutto's coffin

They then followed the ambulance, in which the coffin was being carried, through the streets of Rawalpindi.

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