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In pictures: Kenya votes

Voters and election observers watch a Kenyan Maasai woman casts her vote at a local polling station in Magadi

Polls opened across Kenya at 0600 local time (0300 GMT) after a vigorous and occasionally violent campaign.

Kenyans wait in line to cast their vote at a local polling station in Magadi

More than 14 million people are expected to cast their votes at about 27,000 polling stations for a president and 210 parliamentarians.

A voter jumps out of a classroom in the capital, Nairobi, after voting

Turnout is reportedly high. This man jumped out of a classroom window in Nairobi, as the doorway to the polling station was blocked with waiting voters.

A Kenyan man takes a look at an information board posted on the door of a local polling station in Magadi

Pollsters say it is one of Kenya's most closely contested elections, with President Mwai Kibaki facing his toughest challenge from his former ally, Raila Odinga.

Voters in Kisumu

Many lined up before dawn. In Kisumu, in Nyanza Province, most night clubs and pubs remained closed on Wednesday night so voters would be sober ahead of polling.

An irate mob burns a tyre in the middle of a road in Homa Bay in Nyanza province on 26 December

Violence broke out in the region on Tuesday, with at least three policemen killed after Mr Odinga's supporters accused them of planning to rig elections.

Voters at Old Kibera Primary School try to force their way into a classroom to vote

In Mr Odinga's constituency in Kibera slum in the capital, Nairobi, there was chaos as people tried to force their way into a classroom to vote after being left off the voters' roll.

Officials inspect ballot boxes in Kibera, 27 December 2007

In Kibera, voting was delayed for several hours as some ballot boxes were missing lids.

Raila Odinga at a polling station in Nairobi

Mr Odinga, whose name was missed off the voters' roll, was eventually able to vote...

Kenyan youth supporters of the Party of National Unity (PNU) wield stones and knives during clashes with opposing party Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) supporters, 24 December 2007

There have been worries about violence after Mr Kibaki and Mr Odinga's supporters clashed in the capital on Christmas Eve, the last day of campaigning.

Mr Kibaki (r) greets a voter on 27 December 2007

Mr Kibaki told his cheering supporters that he was confident he would be given a second term in office.


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