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In pictures: Beetle diversity

Titan beetle (NHM)

The longest beetle without horns is the titan beetle from the Amazon region. It is up to 16.5cm (6.5inches) long

Hercules beetle (NHM)

The world's longest beetle, the Hercules beetle, found in Central and South America, measures up to 19cm long (7inches), over half of which is their horns

Long-horn beetle (NHM)

Larvae of long-horn beetles are eaten by native peoples in South America, Australia and Asia

Jewel beetle (NHM)

Jewel beetles (family Buprestidae) can survive for 30 years or more

Smallest and largest British beetles

The smallest and largest British beetle. Measuring as little as 0.21mm, the feather-winged beetles (family Ptiliidae) are amongst the world's smallest insects

Click beetle (NHM)

If the click beetle finds itself on its back, it can use a peg on the underside of its body to flip over by propelling itself up to 30cm (12 inches) into the air

Dung beetle (NHM)

The early Egyptians perceived the Earth as a ball of dung pushed through the Universe by the dung beetle

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