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Africa in pictures: Games

Children playing a game with sticks and toy cars in the sand in Botswana (Photo by BBC News website reader Jim Pinkerton)

Jim Pinkerton's photograph of children playing in the sand in Botswana is the first in series of shots showing games in Africa sent by BBC News website readers.

A Zambian worker in wellington boots playing a game of draughts (Photo by BBC News website reader Hunter Nielson)

A mudflap maker in Zambia plays draughts using a scrap of industrial conveyor belt from the copper mines as a board and film canister tops for pieces in Hunter Nielson's picture.

Nigerians playing draughts with Nollywood posters in the background (Photo by BBC News website reader Mathias Kirkegaard)

In Nigeria, Mathias Schwartz Kirkegaard captured spectators watching another game of draughts being played in a bar.

Children skipping in Freetown, Sierra Leone (Photo by BBC News website reader Namvula Rennie)

Namvula Rennie sent in this shot of children skipping in a backstreet of Freetown, Sierra Leone's capital.

A Maasai man playing pool in Zanzibar (Photo by BBC News website reader Robert Harris)

On the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar, Rob Harris captured a Maasai man showing off his pool skills. He says, "They all had knives so I let him win!"

A bowling alley in Eritrea (Photo by BBC News website reader Sarah Lynch)

On a trip to Eritrea, Sarah Lynch photographed this bowling alley built when American soldiers were based in the Horn of Africa country.

Madagascan brother playing a handheld computer game (Photo by BBC News website reader Leanne Sedowski)

Leanne Sedowski says she snapped this picture of two brothers playing a handheld computer game on the side of the road in Madagascar when she stopped to buy fruit.

South African children skipping on a road in Kayamandi Township  (Photo by BBC News website reader Spencer Millsap)

Children jump rope on the streets of Kayamandi Township on the outskirts of Stellenbosch in South Africa, in this photograph sent in by Spencer Millsap.

A boy with a hoop in West Africa (Photo by BBC News website reader Tania Bruehl)

Tania Bruehl captured a boy rolling a hoop with a stick during a journey in West Africa.

Children playing with a rope in Tanzania (Photo by BBC News website reader Herwig Viechtbauer)

Children enjoying a game in Tanzania pose for a photograph with their dog for Herwig Viechtbauer.

Ugandan boys playing with handmade toy car (Photo by BBC News website reader Alexis Chapman)

Eddie Mackle snapped Ugandan children playing with a toy made out of a plastic bottle with wheels from a flip flop. For a future gallery send in pictures of Africa through a window.


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