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Africa in pictures: Farming

A farmer in Ghana opens a cocoa pod revealing gooey white seeds (Photo by BBC News website reader Alexis Chapman)

Alexis Chapman's photo of white coca seeds in Ghana that will eventually become chocolate is the first in a series of shots on farming in Africa sent in by BBC News website readers.

A Tanzanian herder with his goats (Photo by BBC News website reader Skyler Russell)

Skyler Russell says it is not uncommon to see young boys out on the vast Tanzanian plains herding their father's sheep and goats: "I love the dust that envelopes this young boy."

A Ugandan tests curd to be made into cheese (Photo by BBC News website reader Kate Arding)

Cheese-maker Kate Arding went to Karamoja, cattle country in north-eastern Uganda, to teach people how to make cheese. In this picture someone is seen testing the curd.

A woman in Darfur, Sudan, digging holes in dry earth for seeds (Photo by BBC News website readers Fred and Aileen Knip)

In this picture sent in by Fred and Aileen Knip, a young Sudanese woman displaced by the conflict in war-torn Darfur prepares the ground for seeds.

A Ghanaian farmer tilling with cattle (Photo by BBC News website reader Jamaal Montasser)

Jamaal Montasser took this shot of a man ploughing a field with cattle while on a work placement with Ghana's ministry of agriculture.

A Zambian farm worker next to a tractor in a field which he is preparing for maize (Photo by BBC News website reader Wilhelm Hesse)

Zambian farmer Wilhelm Hesse sent in this picture of ex-colleagues who were preparing land that was previously bush for cultivation by a technique known as "disking"...

Farmer Wilhelm Hesse in a field on the Mpongwe Development Company estate in Zambia's Copperbelt province  (Photo by BBC News website reader Wilhelm Hesse)

... here Mr Hesse is snapped in a wheat field on a large estate which has since been divided up and sold - which he fears will affect productivity in the area.

An aerial view of fertile fields in northern Kenya(Photo by BBC News website reader Angela Sacha)

This aerial photograph of fields in northern Kenya was taken by Angela Sacha whilst flying between Nanyuki and the Matthews Mountains.

A woman farmer with a bunch of bananas on her head and a hoe over her shoulder in Malawi (Photo by BBC News website reader Rick Wadley)

A Malawian woman in Kandie village returning from a day of cultivation with a bunch of bananas on her head is captured in Rick Wadley's picture.

A Nigerian farmer with his maize harvest in Gombe State (Photo by BBC News website reader Joe Mulligan)

Joe Mulligan photographed a subsistence farmer and his family in their store of maize harvested between November and December in the isolated Dadiya Hills of north-eastern Nigeria.

Sifting grain in Ethiopia (Photo by BBC News website reader Justin Hackett)

A woman sifts grain in Justin Hackett's photograph taken in Tach Gayint in Ethiopia's Amhara region. For a future gallery please send in pictures from Africa of the colour purple.


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