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Last Updated: Saturday, 8 December 2007, 16:05 GMT
In pictures: South Korea oil slick

Oil tanker Hebei Spirit after collision

Thousands of tons of oil have been leaking from the oil tanker Hebei Spirit after it collided with a barge on Friday.

Emergency worker collecting oil in baskets

Emergency workers have been battling to stop the slick, said to be the country's worst, from harming local wildlife...

Emergency worker holds oil-coated mallard duck

... but they have not been completely successful - the spill is affecting areas used by migrating birds as a resting place.

Emergency workers fill special tanks on the beach with contaminated water

There are fears it will also reach scenic beaches and fish farms.

Coast guard ship sprays dissolving agent on the slick

Coast guards have been spraying chemicals on the slick in an effort to disperse it.

Local residents survey beach at Taean

But some beaches are already contaminated with the crude.

Oil spill after S Korea collision
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