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In pictures: Kitschmas

USB memory stick in the shape of Virgin Mary with flashing heart

Each year, the satirical Christian website Ship of Fools publishes a selection of the religious-themed gifts it has seen for sale, such as this memory stick.

Hip flask holder in the shape of the 'Good Book'

Ship of Fools' Steve Goddard says the gifts show the clash between God and Mammon at Christmas. Some are clearly humorous: "Christianity is robust enough to take the knocks."

Mould used to make bread into toast featuring Virgin Mary

Among the playful items is this mould to make your own Virgin Mary toast. A slice said to show the face of Jesus's mother sold for $28,000 in 2004.

Figurine of Jesus as a footballer

Other items are aimed at the faithful. This footballing Jesus is from the I Am series of figurines, whose creator says he wants to put Christ at the centre of our lives.

Huggable urn

The Ship of Fools launch comes as the Sudan Muslim teddy bear affair rumbles on. These bears are intended as a cuddly repository for a loved one's ashes.

Jerusalem compass

This compass always points to Jerusalem - a holy city for Christians, Muslims and Jews - and can be used when praying.


The slogans on these T-shirts are a reference to the practice of speaking in tongues in evangelical churches.

Vatican Board Game

This Vatican board game is recommended for use with children to learn about how priests get to be Pope.

Coffin glamour catalogue

The Pirelli calendar is used to sell tyres - this glamour calendar is used to sell coffins in Italy.

Pope's Cologne

And this mimics the scent worn by Pius XI in the 19th Century. Send your photos and videos of festive kitsch using the link on the right - use "KITSCH" in the description field.

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