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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 November 2007, 15:13 GMT
Your portfolio: Greg Funnell

Man on motorbike in desert by Greg Funnell

BBC News website reader Greg Funnell has sent in these pictures from a recent trip to Syria. Here, a man on a motorbike in the desert near Palmyra.

Aleppo market by Greg Funnell

"A busy market place in the late afternoon, Aleppo."

Children jumping from bridge by Greg Funnell

"Children jump from a bridge into the Euphrates river, Dier ez Zuir."

Children with bike by Greg Funnell

"Two children pose in front of a bicycle in Palmyra. Behind them is a poster of President Assad."

Street scene by Greg Funnell

"Street scene, Homs."

by Greg Funnell

"Men walk through the busy streets of Aleppo in the late afternoon."

Omayyad Mosque by Greg Funnell

"A man walks past the Omayyad Mosque in central Damascus."

Workshop scene by Greg Funnell

"A carpenter in his workshop. Homs."

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