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Last Updated: Saturday, 17 November 2007, 16:44 GMT
In pictures: Bangladesh village devastated

First aid given to Bangladesh storm survivors

Villagers in Sharonkholur had no food, no homes and no medical help two days after the cyclone struck. BBC staff helped out where they could.

A wounded man is treating himself

With no medical help, villagers in Sharonkholur have had to treat themselves.

Victims of the storm are buried in the village

When the BBC team arrived in Sharonkholur, villagers were burying their dead.

Villagers who survived the storm are traumatised

Many villagers remain traumatised by the storm - everywhere the sound of women crying could be heard.

Boy on a rice mat after the cyclone

Many children have lost parents in the cyclone, while food is in pitifully short supply.

Home destroyed by the storm

Local residents have not only lost their homes, they have lost their crops and livestock too.

People waiting for aid

Aid is arriving to remote rural areas, but it is taking time to come, and many communities are still waiting.

In pictures: Bangladesh cyclone
16 Nov 07 |  In Pictures

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